Needs Assessment
Do you need to solve a performance problem...or reduce your current training investment...or develop new skills quickly? Through our needs assessment process we look at your unique situation and recommend the type of training that best suits your needs and budget.
Sue Lane & Associates can deliver training solutions that are on track --on YOUR track--regardless of whether you want to:
Train one individual or
Outsource your entire
training project or only a
portion of it.
Continue outsourcing, or
perhaps you'd like us to
help you develop your own
in-house experts.
Instructional Design
We write curriculums and create learning materials customized to your specific learning needs. Examples of the materials we create are: classroom workbooks and instructor's guides, self-study workbooks, quick reference guides, computer-based tutorials, web-based interactive learning, and on-the-job training checklists.
Classroom Training
We provide classroom training to facilitate programs we have developed or to facilitate programs that have been developed or purchased by you. We are available for single or multiple sessions, pilot training, and train the trainer. Our classroom sessions are always interactive and our style is to interject as much fun as possible.
Special Project Training
Sue Lane & Associates have delivered training solutions in support of well over 100 major system implementations. Software included, but was not limited to, PeopleSoft, Hogan, Systematics, AFS, and various customized front-end systems. We are experts at bridging the gap between the technical and the end-user worlds.    
Do you want to develop your own in-house training expertise? We coach training managers, instructional designers and instructors. We can guide you through any or all aspects of the training process, showing you how to build a productive training team, assess training needs, create and present a training plan for approval, design training materials, organize training events, conduct classroom training, and evaluate training results.